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Garage door storage is a common occurrence in a modern garage. A lot of us, if not all, use the garage door as a storage place. Maybe we don’t start off that way, but eventually the clutter somehow finds its way into the garage. Once we notice the mess that we created, we try to organize and clean it up. Although this may be there, it still somehow gets dirtier and more cluttered. Purchasing shelves definitely helps, but once they get full you might want to try something new. Keep your floor clear of clutter and buy yourself some overhead storage!

Overhead Storage Helps Reduce Clutter?

It is important to realize, the point of having overhead storage is not to put all the equipment above the garage, but to store the not-so-commonly used items. This will keep your floor clear of clutter and will give you more space in your garage. For example, you can store things such as:

  • Lawn Tools
  • Yard Equipment
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Big Storage Boxes
  • Yard Toys

ABES Garage Door Repair Torrance does not recommend putting everyday items on the overhead storage. Tools and equipment that is needed quickly should be put somewhere closer and more accessible. In addition, always keep in mind how much weight your overhead storage unit can handle. Ultimately, we want our readers to be safe and never skip a step. Need help? Give us a call and we will guide you through it all.

Different Types of Overhead Storage

There are many different types of overhead storage units you can purchase for your garage door. In fact here are some examples:

  • Heavy gauge steel overhead garage door storage. (holds up to 600lbs)
  • Ceiling racks that are adjustable, can hold large storage tubs and have a lip to prevent things from falling down.
  • Bike lifts that can hold your bicycle and are easy to access.

All things considered, you can also install yourself minor hooks and racks that you can store small things on. Overall, the clutter will decrease immensely if you equip your garage with overhead storage! Always here for our customers, with any information you need!